Happy ForeVer

Happy ForeVer

Monday, July 19, 2010

my tHousand Faces

finally, i managed to do this
as a BUTA IT girl-i should be pround of myself
to publish my very own master piece
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next top model

Told You Ibu
dont snap my face when camera is on

hello there-i am not ready yet

also not ready la-ha3x
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pInK is mY cOLOUR!!

my my wonderful inas
she's the greatest gift of all from heaven
looking at her-just wanna make me laugh, smile and cry (and also angry & mad)
she's my companion, my true friend, my spirit, my happiness and so so so so..

she's the big joker-
when i ask her "what colour is this?" she replied : "PINK" (and yes it is!)
then when i took yellow block-she said "ORANGE" (wrong answer but with smile & confidence)
i corrected her and said "NO, IT'S YELLOW"
she said "YELLOW"
again i picked YELLOW BLOCK-she answered 'ORANGE" (ha3x)
i repeated the same act, she served me with the same answer which ALL ORANJE( HA3X)

then, i gave up, i picked GREEN BLOCK
she answered me " DUNNO" + big laugh
then i picked BLUE BLOCK
she answered me "DUNNO" + big laugh

lastly i picked PINK BLOCK
with a BIGGGGGGGGGGG SMILE she answered me "IBU, PINK LAH"
so ladies, i wonder why we always pick PINK----
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