Happy ForeVer

Happy ForeVer

Saturday, September 6, 2014

sofina @ the park

hai morning everyone
today we all went our for niyaz morning walk at lake garden
eversince dia start jalan about 2 months back, baru sempat we all bawak dia for a walk
this week jgk i got my sofina bag by sometime inspired by vivy yusuf the famous blogger and owner of online fashion store fashionvallet
i booked 2 months in advance and this was her finale
i"ve been following her eversince i saw her fashionvallet online
then become daily reader of her blog "proudduck"  bila tau she got pregnant almost the same time with me
so her daniel is 2 weeks advance from niyaz, both in july, last year
her ootd style become so inspiring to me esp when she started her hijab
(but yet still i cannot copycat her style)
reason being our cutting figure is differrent, she"s petite and daringly put her 3-5 inch heels)
till now i still wondering how could she reshape herself back like single!
mine, still erm......
worst part, now she"s leading for the 2nd baby
but still in good shape compared to myself
hu hu, since niyaz comes into picture, my time taken for him is more compared to reading vivy"s blog
therefore to make me following her always, i stand a chance to grab her sofina 21
frankly spacious yet trendy with her studded style strap
you can create your own style in handling the bag from hand carry, shoulder carry or sling bag
nice masterpiece vivy, and i like it
will be my cruising bag this month on our journey to phuket/krabi!

        niyaz ootd by H&M without his             sofina 21 ( ha ha ha)

~ chow peeps ~

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

our annivessary!

1st september every year is our wedding annivessary
may allah bless us together forever
diberi lebih ketenangan, kesabaran dalam mengharungi hari2 kami
supaya hati dan jiwa kami lebih dekat
supaya kami menjadi penenang dan penyejuk hati antara satu sama lain
dan menjadi peneman di dunia dan akhirat

my status update on our annivessary!
to hubby tq so much, eventhough i am not saying it but deep down in my heart you always forever!

p/s thank you for the gift!
my reward is about to come this mid of september