Happy ForeVer

Happy ForeVer

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

superwoman... bionicwoman yet a wonderwoman

when the school starts
means the battle begins........
the beginning of my upside down morning evening and nite

being a mom needs to settle from something to everything and anything
from small little thing to the super dooper BIG
for him for her for another him and not forgetting for ME
meaning for EVERYBODY!!!!!
now today tomorrow and forever!!!!

how i wish i can be all of the above (as per the title)
whenever i fail i got emotional angry stress tempered quiet moody etc etc etc
the effect is on me on her on him on another him 
means to everybody!!
how i wish them to understand how much i care for them behind my anger my not-smiling-face my nagging mouth and my sour face 
how i wish to be a good mother and good wife now and forever
treat him good and treat her nice
but wish is just a wish....
i still fail to realise my wish!!!!