Happy ForeVer

Happy ForeVer

Monday, March 30, 2015

naelofar hijab

presenting you all  with lemari bhaju managed by norma & rezal under nrm signature. we sell the most desired and funtabulous hijab collection by noorneelofa, the famous celebrity known as "nAEloFar Hijab".

to all readers pls visit our insta @lemaribhaju and our FB and FB pages known as lemari bhaju. 
or you also may contact us at 0193497286(watsapp/PM/telegram) or via emaik at lemari_bhaju@yahoo.com

happy browsing and online shopping!

as the eye opener append below some of naelofar"s babes and basic collection!

and also the lady love collection

while coming sooon to you is:

denim & printed babes and basic and beyond chic!!!


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